Tatyana commission

Tatyana commission

Tatyana is offering portraits for the Christmas season, a small oil painting based on photos or something simpler in charcoal.

Or you might prefer a still life for which Tatyana is also renowned.  "This season allows beautiful fresh colours bringing childhood memories and suggesting new combinations. Foraged apples in a basket? Fresh picked fejoah? Homemade jam and bread? Wild flowers? Happy to paint delicious memories or just windows into beauty. Beauty always surrounds us, we just need to give ourselves time to notice it"

See more of Tatyana Kulida's work on her page in the Gallery website here.

Tatyana Kulida

Tatyana Kulida is a Russian born artist trained in fine arts in the USA where she lived for 12 years, after leaving Russia aged 17. She then moved to Florence Italy, where she studied at the Art Academy full time for three years, subsequently being appointed as a tutor and teaching for three years. Since 2015  she has lived in Wellington where she runs her own art academy teaching classical drawing and painting techniques. Tatyana has exhibited in the USA and  and has two of her works in USA museum collections, in the Cameron Museum of Art and the New Britain Museum of American Art. She has been awarded several prizes including the de László Award for Classical Draughtsmanship from the Royal Society of British Artists, London, in 2015 and the 4th year Prize residency, the Florence Academy of Art 2013-2014. In New Zealand she was commissioned to paint the portrait of former Prime Minister Bill English for the National Party and in February 2022 Parliament will host an exhibition of her portraits of New Zealand climate scientists.

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