Current Exhibition

A Moment in Time - Claudia Grutke

 October  16 - 31

Claudia Grutke's dreamy abstract paintings are based on emotions ideas and places. Sometimes energetic and sometimes as peaceful as a quiet ocean, and othertimes both in the same painting. Her work stands being absorbed over time, not swallowed whole in one gulp. 

Born in Germany Claudia migrated to New Zealand in 1996 and became a full time artist in 2013 after moving to Raglan from Christchurch, where the earthquakes had been a wake up call, a signal that now was the  time to plunge full time into her passion for expression through painting. Her work is now sold in New Zealand and internationally.

This is Claudia's first solo exhibition with The Kiwi Art House Gallery after showing here for many years. Previous notable achievements include being selected for four international  exhibitions in Bologna, Madrid and Milan in 2015 and 2016 and Winner of the  Artist of the Year competition in Australia in 2014.