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Places to Go - Graham Moeller

14 - 30 April  2018

The majesty and mystery of New Zealand's landscapes in oils from Taupo artist Graham Moeller.

From his studio gallery in Taupo Graham has enchanted visitors from around the world and kiwis with his gift of capturing the spiritual majesty of the land. This exhibition captures landmarks many of us know and he does evoking the same feeling of timeless wonder we get when visiting these special places. Fiordland, Aoraki Mt Cook, Mt Ruapehu, Mt Taranaki, Kapiti Island and more.

 'Fiordland Mist' by Graham Moeller


Visual Dialogues - Tatyana Kulida

7- 26 March 2018

Tatyana Kulida is a Russian born artist trained in fine arts in the USA where she lived for 12 years, and in Florence Italy, where she studied and then taught for three years. For the last two years she has been living in Wellington where she runs her own studio gallery and teaches her specialist work, portraiture. Tatyana has exhibited in the USA and  and has two of her works in USA museum collections, in the Cameron Museum of Art and the New Britain Museum of American Art. She has been awarded several prizes including the de László Award for Classical Draughtsmanship from the Royal Society of British Artists, London, in 2015 and the 4th year Prize residency, the Florence Academy of Art 2013-2014.

Tatyana paints portraits from life using classical techniques from western art tradition and heritage. Her talent has been honed by extensive study and practical training at universities in the US and the Art Academy of Florence. The result for this exhibtion is a display of portraits, life studies and still lifes that are of a spellbinding level   not often seen in New Zealand.

"In a world obsessed by ever faster processes, I am dedicated to careful and slow observation from life; spending a long time with my sitter allows the portrait to evolve as a dialogue between myself and my subject”

If you'd like to attend the opening night please rsvp to alan@kiwiarthouse.co.nz

Tetyana Kulida and one of her portraits and nude studies from her exhibition 'Visual Dialogues'


Mythology and the Land - Joy de Geus

27 September - 17 October 2017

Opening Night 6pm Wedneday 27 September at the Kiwi Art House Gallery

Myths and legends of Aotearoa as interpreted by Wellington watercolourist Joy de Geus

Joy de Geus is already well known for her watercolours of Wellington painted in her own mixed blues and greens that are so typical of the colours of New Zealand. Recently she has been painting scenes that combine the landscape with Maori legends, myths and sometimes historical stories, of local landmarks. This exhibition introduces her latest  mythology paintings, for the first time displayed together,  along with a selection of her tradtional landscapes.

Joy's mythology art  has its own mystical feel and is something unique to her. It draws on the spirit of the land and people that we all feel as inhabitants of Aotearoa.




Idle Hours - Lauryne Hart

20 July - 12 August 2017

Lauryne Hart is an Auckland based artist whose work is based on the theme 'Life in Colour'.

"My works are examples of the near infinite palate of human experience. I hope to show the rich vibrancy of shared culture that has been such an important part of my life. I portray the diversity, beauty character, vitality and emotions of people in narrative portraits. I try to draw the viewer in with form, colour and expressions".

Lauryne was born and grew up in South Africa and the influence of colour in the clothing and traditions of Africans has influenced her art as has the exuberance in living that is part of the cultural heritage of her homeland.

Her paintings also owe a debt to the art deco paintings of 1930's USA where unemployed artists (Including Diego Rivera) were tasked by the Federal Arts Program to paint murals of everyday life and workers on the walls of industrial buildings.  Sir Bob Jones  commissioned Lauryne to paint five  large mural style panels of office workers moving through their day in front of their office buildings, for the foyers of AIG Building in Auckland and Equinox House in Wellington. A modern echo of that time in art history.


'Cafe Society' by Lauryne Hart                                                                       'Idle Hours' by Lauryne Hart

Lauryne has generously agreed to donate 5% of sales from this exhibition to the Olivier Lacour fundraising campaign for the NZ Red Cross


Lauryne Hart and Alan Aldridge at the exhibition opening 12 July



Watching the Old Masters -Escha van den Bogerd

16 - 30 June 2017

Exhibition Opening Friday 16 June at the Kiwi Art House Gallery 288 Cuba St - Please RSVP to alan@kiwiarthouse.co.nz

The Kiwi Art House Gallery is pleased to present four new paintings from Escha van den Bogerd's new series 'Watching the Old Masters'. These paintings evoke personal memories for the artist and for many of us, a reminder of when we first viewed that special famous painting, one we had seen in books, thought about many times and always wanted to see for real. Escha's new paintings helps us relive that moment, and to think about her characters, as they watch absorbed in their own story.

This exhibition also includes three examples of Escha's work from her figurative series.

Escha van den Bogerd is a Dutch born artist resident in Wellington. Known for her atmospheric female figurative paintings her work is sold internationally. Her new 'watching' series has already proven popular with her overseas clients and the gallery is happy to show for a short time only these three new paintings. Some of the original sold paintings in this series can be seen on Escha's page on the KAH website (under Gallery page) here


'Watching Renoir' by Escha van den Bogerd                             Escha at the exhibition opening

All In The Same Waka - Gabriel Heimler and Ana Proc

29 March - 19 April 2017

Exhibition Opening Wednesday 29 March at the CQ Hotel lounge 223 Cuba St - Please RSVP to alan@kiwiarthouse.co.nz

Using the imagery of the Waka as a metaphore for Aotearoa New Zealand and our journey; for we have all journeyed here or our ancestors did in the recent past, this new series of seven paintings references the cosmopolitan country we are becoming. It asks us to contemplate the importance and influence of migration, past and present, to what has made and will make our future.

The following is a quote from Daniela Gil Sevilla, cultural attache to the Mexican Embassy in Wellington, who provided literary descriptions for all the paintings in this series, for the exhibition catalogue. This description is for 'Pacific Orchestra' (acrylic on canvas 1690mm x 1000mm) below.

'A vessel for transoceanic voyages has been sighted in open waters. The great Waka Hourua guides the future New Zealanders to Aotearoa. In the canoe, Maoris and Europeans carry their own dreams and stories. Culture and art coexist in the form of a piano, and science and technology are represented by the canoe itself.  The air is full of possibilities. The world is coming to New Zealand but, are there still islands on the planet? Is it the future that travels in the Waka, or just the present, the current New Zealand that slips between the waves and approaches to the world?'

Below, 'Pacific Orchestra'

Gabriel Heimler worked as an artist in Berlin for over 20 years before moving to New Zealand in 2010 with his partner Anna Proc. Together they embarked on a new artistic journey. Anna began collaborating with Gabriel on several new series inspired by their life in New Zealand, contributing ideas and painting. In Berlin Gabriel was famous for his 'Wall Jumper' mural on the Berlin Wall, in Wellington he and Anna painted 'The Mover' mural on the Museum Hotel.

Gabriel Heimler's  father is Hungarian and the Hungarian Embassy in Wellington held the first public showing of the new series on March 15, at an event to mark Hungary's national day

'All In The Same Waka' has been supported by Toi Maori Arts and two paintings from the series exhibited in their Wellington exhibition of Maori Art on the 18-19 March.


Gary Nicholas from Toi Maori Arts (right) at the Hungarian Embassy        Anna Proc and Gabriel Heimler at the Hungarian Embassy


For more please click below to read the


Images from the Exhibition Opening Night


2016 Christmas Exhibition and Party

For Gallery Friends and Artists, the 2016 Christmas Group exhibition will be at the CQ Hotel lounge in Cuba St, Tuesday 23 from 6pm. Featuring a charity auction of a Dianne Taylor painting for the Red Cross, new work from many of the Gallery's most popular contributing artists plus several guest artists. Three artists with international reputations, Lauryne Hart, Claudia Grutke and Gabriel Heimler with Anna Proc will be among the contributors.

Music for the night will be jazz from one of our favourite artists, Alfred Memelink, plus vocals and grand piano from Shan Jordan.

Join the Gallery Friends list for an invitation (and to get the monthly email newsletter)

Popular Wellington Artist Vincent Duncan's entry in to the Christmas Exhibition, 'Field of Flowers 4'

Free Spirit - Jane Hyder

13 - 28 August 2016

Wellington artist and designer Jane Hyder with her second exhibition at the Kiwi Art House shows her latest paintings with an unmistakable taste and feel of the French and

Italian countryside, her inspiration for this collection. Jane's affection for the landscape and architecture of France and Italy and by the colour style of Henri Matisse and her 

interpretation in the romantic style that antipodeans often view European landscapes will bring a warm reminder of travel in Europe for many of us. 

Please Join us at 2pm Saturday 13 August at the exhibition opening.

Flights of Fancy - Vincent Duncan

July 13 - July 31 2016

Vincent Duncan is one of Wellington's favourite artists. His paintings are in many homes across the city and in public places like the Wellington Hospital and even the Newtown McDonalds. Some unusual facts; even though Vincent has been selling his whimsical, exuberant oil paintings for over 20 year, would be one of, if not the, the best selling Wellington artist and is in three Wellington galleries, he doesn't sell in any galleries outside of Wellington. Did you know Vincent is an elected member of the New Zeland Academy of Fine Arts? 

His new exhibition wanders over whatever subjects caught Vincent's imagination, music, his favourite subject, the city of Wellington, the flowers of his Waikanae garden, and some humorous pieces like the very clever 'Counting Pukekos'. You can see them all in the exhibition catalogue

'Smiling Flowers' oil on board by Vincent Duncan

  See a short video of the exhibition


Eye on the Land - Graham Moeller

May 11 - May 31 2016

Taupo based artist Graham Moeller has a eye for the sheer beauty of the New Zealand lansdscape and a knack of capturing that majesty in his landscapes. Following on from his very successful exhibition last year, Graham has produced a selection of new landscapes plus Wellington cityscapes in his new exhibition.

Visit the Gallery during May or see the Current Exhibition page

'Aoraki Mt Cook' by Graham Moeller



2015 Christmas Exhibition

A group exhibition of gallery and guest artists. The opening is at the CQ Hotel, 223 Cuba St 6pm Tuesday 15 December. Please contact the gallery for information. The artworks will be on display at the CQ Hotel and in the Gallery until 31 January. Please visit the Current Exhibition page to view.

Gallery artists contributing, Alfred Memelink, George Thompson, Dianne Taylor, Phil Dickson, Vincent Duncan, Escha van den Bogerd, Gabriel Heimler, Anna Proc, Bruce Luxford, Tracy MacDonald, Ronda Thompson, Gary Roberts, Jan Thomson, Jane Hyder, Bill McCormick

Guest artists, Susan Higginson, Samantha Quio, Graham Moeller, Werner Kaffl



October 15 - November 6 2015


Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

Opening Night Thursday 15 October 6pm. Please RSVP to alan@kiwiarthouse.co.nz




September 18  - 4 October 2015

Transient City

Simon Jay

looks at Wellington City as a place where art, people and architecture combine in a swirling mix of imagination, gritty reality and sentiment. Simon creates this effect by combining the ultra realism  of the photograph, with it's seemly perfect capture of the city's streets and buildings, with his own vision. He creates paintings from the photos where reality is blurred and imagination takes over.

Opening Friday 18 September at 5.30pm


'Heart of the City' by Simon Jay                          'Beacon' by Simon Jay



July 29 August 17 2015

Harriet Bright: Drawings and Paintings


Harriet Bright's drawings and paintings are a collection  of the artists drawings of life models plus paintings of herself, friends and people she has met. Harriets drawings  flow with the confidence of an artist who expresses the beauty of the human body with economy of effort and sympathy for the subject.  Each of her drawings, done simply mostly with colour pencil, has an undeniable  beauty.

In 2010 Harriet was awarded the Adam National Portrait Award prize, and this year painted portrait commissions for the Portrait Gallery, including of war historian Chris Pugsley and writer Ian Cross.

Harriet lives in Pukerua Bay, where she has just finished carving large wooden gates for the local school. She is available for commissions.

Please click here for the exhibition catelogue or see the paintings and drawing on the Current Exhibition page




May 20 - June 15 2015


Bruce Luxford

With the 100th anniversary of WW1 being commemorated, and in particular the ANZAC centenary this year, it is fitting that Bruce Luxford's new exhibition of abstract and surrealism paintings concides with this anniversary. Surrealism  emerged from the dadaism movement that arose during the war as a philisophical rejection of the war and the societal forces the movement considered responsible. Abstract art was new and was influential in the movement.


Bruce Luxford is a Wellington surrealist artist working from his studio and showroom in Seatoun. His subjects are often topical social and political events. SPONTANEOUS introduces a new direction, a series of paint pour abstracts, alongside a collection of new surrealism. Subjects tackled in these paintings include industrial dairy farming, sale of land to overseas interests, and poking fun at the Wellington Mayor and her drive for cycleways for the city.



Bruce Luxford

Please see the exhibition catalogue Here



April 11 - May 10 2015

Graham Moeller - Landscapes

Graham Moeller landscapes give his audience the impression the artist personally relates to  New Zealand's wilderness. Looking at his oils you can almost feel the crisp mountain air of Aoraki Mt Cook, or the sultry warmth of the North.  This exhibition showcases his best recent work, split between North and South Island landscapes. The artist's favourite places, from the Coromandel, the central plateau and the majestic mountains of the South. Graham paints from his Taupo studio gallery. You can find him in the shopping centre, painting in his window, with his gallery downstairs. He has painted full time for seven years and gradually built a reputation as both New Zealand visitors and overseas tourists have discovered his work.


Artist's Statement: "If a picture paints a thousand words then I hope that my landscapes reflect a little of me and my love of New Zealand's wonderful scenery and often, tranquil moods. Although I am a totally self taught artist, studying graphic design at Art school in Wellingtin in the 60s taught me composition, attention to detail, and the effects of light, all of which now so greatly influence my style.


All my life I have been acutely aware of my surrroundings and consequently see new and exciting views. I am grateful for the wonderful gift of successfully transposing these observations onto canvas, using oil as my medium. I not only get tremendous satisfaction from painting the landscapes but also derive much pleasure from meeting people from all over the world who share my amazement at the beauty of our magnificent and pristine scenery. To date I have paintings now hanging in private collections in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, USA, England, Scotland, Wales, Sweden, France, Germany, Switzerland, Lichenstein, Monaco  and South Africa."



Milford Sound 900mmx 600mm

Mt Taranaki 900mm x 600mm



Febraury 25 - March 20 2015

Late Summer Dreams!

An exhibition of watercolours from two of Wellington's most accomplished watercolour artists.

Dianne Taylor and Joy de Geus both have their own colour palettes and styles that are completely unalike, making this exhibition all the more dramatic and intriguing. They have painted scenes both familiar and maybe less so. Taking us on a late summer dream journey around our city, the country and abroad.

Opening Night February 25 from 6pm. Please RSVP to alan@kiwiarthouse.co.nz

See the art on the Current Exhibition page


An Art and Music Evening

A welcome to 2015 evening was held on Wednesday 4th February. Paintings from the Christmas Exhibition are on display and three new works from Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc were shown for the first time. See some photos here



December 9 - January 2015

2014 Christmas Exhibition

A Group show featuring most of the Gallery's contributing artists plus a special Young Artists section.  Paintings will be in the Gallery over December/January and at the CQ Hotel Cuba St, in the lounge area behind reception. Open to visitors. See the Gallery Facebook page for photos from the exhibition opening and the Current Exhibition page for paintings from the show.

Please visit the facebook album for the collection of small paintings, oils by Vincent Duncan and matted but unframed watercolours from George Thompson, Joy de Geus, Jan Thomson, Phil Dickson and Marie-Claire Coyler

'Tweet' watercolour by Dianne Taylor


November 8 - 30 2014

Four Eyes! - Colour Spies!

Vincent Duncan and George Thompson

You've heard of Five Eyes spies, now George Thompson and Vincent Duncans' four eyes are colour spies, spotting outrageous combinations of colours and creating new spectalular colour paintings that are beyond what either has done before.  Even long time admirers of these two top Wellington artists will be in for a treat and a surprise as both head in new directions,  in what should be seen as  ground breaking exhibition for both. George Thompson is experimenting with textured canvas (spot the artist's old jeans cut up and sewn onto the canvas in 'A Harbour View' and his most edgy work yet, a cross between abstract and impressionism. Vincent Duncan is also experimenting; taking his wild fun side to create crazy Wellington street scenes in acrylic, a departure from his usual heavily textured oils he is famous for. Vincent is not usually a painter of abstracts but his 'Planets' series shows how versatile and great an artist he is. Vincent Duncan is probably Wellington's most popular artist and these paintings show why.

To view all the exhibition paintings please see the Current Exhibition page


'The White Rocks of Waipatiki'  by George Thompson                                                                 'Mt Ruapehu from the Desert Road' by  George Thompson


'To Lambton to Shop!'  by Vincent Duncan                                                                                                                                    From Planets series Vincent Duncan

'Freedom' by George Thompson                                                                                                       From Planets series by Vincent Duncan                                             

August 25 - September 20 2014

Phil Dickson's Wellington

Phil Dickson's first book on his native city Wellington is illustrated by over 60 of his drawings, watercolours and oil paintings. The book is now in the bookshops and the exhibition paintings are on display in the Kiwi Art House Gallery, in the KAH pop up gallery at 39 The Terrace, until September 10, and in the Artspace Gallery in Petone.

See the exhibition catalogue here

To see all the paitings available through the Gallery please visit the Current Exhibition page


July 10 - 31 2014

Shadow in the Bush

Heimler and Proc

Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc's tribute to first nations peoples, particularly those few still living in symbiosis with nature; they who live as we once did thousands of years ago. What their future holds. How we can still recognise a part of them and their lives in ourselves when we enter our own bush. Who hasn't thought they've seen the fleeting form of a human in the dark shadows of the trees and felt as our ancestors did.

See a video inspired by the exhibition, here

See the Exhibition Catalogue here

 With Thanks to Exhibition Sponsors Kaye and Maurice Clark and Ron and Shona Coenders


June 4 - 22 2014


Wellington's hugely popular Vincent Duncan with over 20 new happy and positive uniquely Vincent interpretations ofWellington.

To see the exhibition catalogue please click here

Vincent Duncan has been painting fulltime since the late 1990s. He has developed into one of the most popular, if not the most popular, Wellington artist. Vincent only shows his work in Wellington and the city is reflected in many of his paintings. His technique of applying oil paint straight from the tube and mixing on the canvas with a palette knife is unusual but not at all unique, two other well know Wellington artists use the same approach. The bold colours, heavy texture and a varnish finish gives Vincent's paintings that extra impact and they sparkle under sunlight or good artificial lights, but the reason they have been so popular is their humanity. From his lovers to boats with personalities to city and harbour scenes that dance and sway with life, Vincent's art pulsates with humour, fun and the joy of life.


'Watching Fishers Fish!' by Vincent Duncan



April 9 -27 2014

'Autumn Colours'

A group exhibition by five leading Wellington watercolour artists who are also contributing artists for the Gallery; Alfred Memelink, George Thompson, Dianne Taylor, Phil Dickson and Joy de Geus.

Opening Wednesday 9 April from 6pm


'Autumn Mist' by Dianne Taylor


February 14 - March 9 2014

'Sea Surge!' by Samuel Earp


Sam Earp was born in Guernsey, brought up in England and worked in the USA before moving to New Zealand in 2009. Sam might not fit the perceptions of a traditional artist, his profession is arborist, entailing climbing and chopping trees, his interests include his electric guitar and heavy metal music but above all he loves painting the sea in motion.

Sam loves painting the sea in her most disturbed and angry moods, capturing subtle sunlight playing on water and the energy of the waves. I first saw his work by chance, when he had a studio  in Dixon St.   Last year a new job took him to Auckland and now he has a strong collection of work covering scenes from Auckland's west coast beaches to Wellington and the South Island. Painting is Sam's passion and it is very exciting to help him travel to the next stage with his first solo exhibition.  - Alan Aldridge

 Opening Night 6pm Friday 14 February 2014 at The Kiwi Art House Gallery 288 Cuba St

To see the exhibition catalogue PDF please click here

To see photos from the opening and to see which paintings are available please visit the Gallery facebook album here


'Towards Pencarrow' oil on canvas by Sam Earp



November 29 - December 20 2013
Rob McGregor's


'Faces of Eve Project'

Exploring the influence of women's magazines. 

Opening Friday 29 November at the KAH pop up Gallery 86 Lambton Quay

Artist's statement


“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”Shakespeare: from ‘As You Like It’

Faces of Eve is a series of mixed media paintings that focus on the manner in which magazines influence, or try to influence, not only what women should buy, but also what they should wear, how they might behave and the faces they should wear. Magazine articles tell about beauty products, fashion items, film stars, royalty, healthy living, drinks, men and sex, while horoscopes advise on work, leisure and relationships. A few headings from one magazine: New season Look; Fashion Stakeout; Fashion Icon; Frock Forecast; Hangover Sex; Obsession with Calvin Klein; The Who the What the Wear the Hair; Best Sex Ever; Beauty Blog. Faces are enhanced with paints and preparations for lips, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, skin and hair. Models model ways to look: imperious, haughty sophisticated or like ‘the girl next door.’ or sexy with pouts and sunglasses.

Rob McGregor


Faces of Eve No 4


See all the exhibition paintings from the 'Faces of Eve Project' and other paintings from Rob McGregor on display with the exhibition on the Gallery facebook page album here



November 7 - 28 2013

Escha van den Bogerd

'La Figura' 



Opening 6pm Thursday 7 November at the CQ Hotel Cuba St.  Escha's exhibition of nude and figurative paintings will run simultaneously at the CQ Hotels 213 - 233 Cuba St and at The Kiwi Art House Gallery.


To view all the paintings from the exhibition online, please see the exhibition album here

All welcome. Please RSVP to alan@kiwiarthouse.co.nz  

Live music by Pepe Becker (soprano) & Douglas Mews (virginalls), performing "La Musica Antica", 17th Century Italian baroque music.


October 9 - 29 2013

Zad Jabbour

'The Summer of 2013 - Making Connections'

Zad Jabbour's realism art transforms reality into imagination. His paintings bring to life our memories in a way that few other artists can. This exhibition of Zad's 2013 paintings captures the warmth and relaxation of the long summer of 2013 with a dose of social commentry, a nod to the modern always connected society we have become.

Zad Jabbour is from Lebanon where he learnt how to paint from his father, a well known artist. Together they worked repairing church frescos. His career includes several  years as the resident artist at the Al Musrif palace in the United Arab Emirates. Zad has lived in New Zealandf for eight years and this is his third exhibition for The Kiwi Art House Gallery.

Please see the Current Exhibition  page

'Sun Stollers Cuba Mall' oil on canvas 900mm x 600mm


August 14 - September 5 2013

Vincent Duncan's 2013 exhibition

Wellington! Wellington!

One of Wellington's most enduring and favourite artists with a selection of new larger works and some from his own collection.

See Vincent Duncan's gallery page for exhibition paintings

'Watching Us Watching You' oil on canvas

  'Wellington! Wellington!' oil on canvas


 July 5 - 25 2013

'Foxtrot Around the Piano!'

By Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

An exhibition comprising a series of  four new paintings 'Foxtrot' exploring life through the metaphors of music and dance, plus four supporting paintings, new works on a vartiety of  themes and ideas.


To View all the paintings in the 'Foxtrot' series and the other paintings in this exhibition please click here for the Exhibition Catalogue


 Piano I (1200mm x 1200mm) SOLD

 Piano II (900mm x 1400mm) SOLD

 Piano III (910mm x 1220mm)

 Piano IV (1200mm x 1220mm)

 To see other paintings by Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc please visit their page here

April 17 to May 12 2013

 'The Catalogue Exhibition'

The launch of the Kiwi Art House Gallery Catalogue accompanied by an exhibition of the fifteen artists represented in the catalogue.

The artists: Escha van den Bogerd, Vincent Duncan, Phil Dickson, Samuel Earp, Joy de Geus, Gabriel Heimler & Anna Proc, Jane Hyder, Zad Jabbour, Bill MacCormick, Tracy MacDonald, Rob McGregor, Alfred Memelink, Dianne Taylor, George Thompson and Jan Thomson.

Some paintings from the exhibition. All the work will be posted on the Gallery Facebook page soon.

'Sea Surge' by Sam Earp

 'Treasure' by Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

'Chaffers Marina' by Vincent Duncan                                                                'Miramar Junction 1953' by Phil Dickson


 'Sunday Morning' by Rob McGregor                            'Sunset over the Lido' by Dianne Taylor    'Harmony' by Jane Hyder

December 13 -24 2012



'Wellington's Bays and Beaches'

A group exhition by Gallery and guest artists. Including guests Michael McCormack, Owie Simpson and Simon Derby and Gallery artists Alfred Memelink, George Thompson, Vincent Duncan, Dianne Taylor, Phil Dickson, Escha van den Bogerd, Zad Jabbour, Sam Earp, Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc, Jan Thomson, Joy de Geuse and Rob McGregor

Opening at the CQ Hotel 218 Cuba St. Wednesday 12 September from 6pm and continuing from the 13th at the Kiwi Art House Gallery

Images from the exhibition can be seen on the Gallery Facebook page here

November 11 to 25

George Thompson

George Thompson is a Wellington artist whose artistic inquisitveness leads down many paths and he has gained a reputation as an artist who can paint any subject using any medium. His work has a liveliness and exuberance that is a natural outcome.

This exhibition in watercolour and acrylic showcases George Thompson's latest work and true to his nature he explores a range of subject styles and techniques.

Opening 2-4pm Sunday 11 November.

Below are paintings from the exhibition. For inquiries please contact info@kiwiarthouse.co.nz




     'In from the Hills, Stoneburn Station Tairei' oils 77cm x 61cm $1350        'Windfalls on a Table' oils 72cm x 56cm. $1100                'Kapiti from the Waimeha Estuary' acrylics 76cm x 76cm. $1350

'Looking for Shade' acrylics, 76cm x 76cm. $1350

  'Summer Flowers' acrylics 102cm x 76cm.$1350



'Poppies dancing in the breeze' 92 cm x 61cm acrylics $1200

'Windblown Ake Ake'  acrylics, 46cm x 35cm. $450

'To be a Horse, to Know that Freedom', acrylics, 51cm x 41cm

$550 (SOLD)

'Memories of Portofino' acrylics,102cm x 76cm. $1350


'The Boat Harbour' watercolour 900mm x800mm  $1400                    

'Portrait, untitled' acrylics,61cm x 31cm. $575 (SOLD)
'Ritchie' charcoal on canvas 76cmx102cm $1100



October 19 to November 1 2012

'The Garden Party'

Jane Hyder

Jane Hyder is a Wellington based painter and printmaker and a graduate from the Massey University Diploma in Fine Arts. The origins of this exhibition date back to a course she attended at The Slade University College London, where her teacher Richaed Kenton Webb encouraged her to develop the expressionist spiritual side of her work.

Art and Literature writer Hamish Clayton wrote of Jane Hyder, "For Jane Hyder art and faith come together in the same place. Working in fauve-expressionist style, her paintings draw on highly poetic, richly illustrative imagery."

Jane Hyder's exhibition is a series of strikingly colourful and exuberant paintings and prints inspired by the Italian Garden

The Opening is Thursday 18 October from 6pm, all welcome.

Come along for an enjoyable evening featuring flowers from Cuba St Florists Manuela and food from the famous Martha's Pantry plus Jane's own special chocolate dipped strawberrys!


'Pacific Peace' 750mm x 750mm acrylic on canvas $1000 (SOLD)

'Jane's Garden' 500mm x 600mm acrylic on canvas  $500

'Garden Diptych' 600mm x 600mm acrylic on canvas $500

'Floral 1' 350mm x 350mm acrylic on board $500 (SOLD)

'Harmony 1' 900mm  x 900mm acrylic on canvas $2100

'Italian Garden Karori' 360mm x 360mm acrylic on canvas $380

'Old and New 2' mono print woodcut 450mm x 350mm $350

'Pacific Power' woodcut print 400mm x 500mm $350



Sept 6 - 27 2012

'Happy Pacifica'

Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

An exhibition of new and recent work plus some examples from their two previous exhibitions, 'Dancing in Aotearoa' (2010) and 'The Beehive in Cuba St'(2011). The new paintings include references and links to their first two exhibitions to unify their work in New Zealand.

Gabriel Heimler is well known for his mural 'The Wall Jumper' on the Berlin Wall, a painting that along with work from other artists turned a section of the Berlin Wall into an historical monument, and the last piece of the Berlin Wall still standing. In Wellington Gabriel with partner Anna Proc created 'The Mover' mural on the Museum Hotel. 'The Mover' celebrates the engineering feat of moving the Museum Hotel on rails in the 1990s. Gabriel used the same character in 'The Mover' as for the 'Wall Jumper' back in 1989, to symbolically link Wellington with Berlin, New Zealand with Europe.  You can see images of these two murals on Gabriel Heimler's gallery page here


Some of the exhibition paintings


'Happy Pacifica' by Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc (SOLD) 1

acrylic on canvas 900mm x 1200m $4200


'The Ballroom' by Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

acrylic on board centre 1200mm x 600mm wings 600mm x 600mm $6200



'Piscis Era' by Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc                                'Flower Power' by Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

acrylic on canvas 600mm x 900mm $2800                                           acrylic on canvas 600mm x 900mm $2800


'Time Birth' by Gabriel Heimler and Anna P

acrylic on canvas 760mm x 1000mm $3200

'Return Home' by Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

acrylic on board 600mm x 1200mm $2600



'The Diva' by Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc                                                   'The Mover's Song' by Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

acrylic on canvas 500mm x 600mm $1900                                                         acrylic on canvas 500mm x 600mm $1900


 'Human Waves' by Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

acrylic on canvas 600mm x900 $2400

'New World' by Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

acrylic on canvas 600mm x 500mm $1900


'La Serenissima' July 7 - 29 2012


An exhibition of Venetian inspired paintings by Escha van den Bogerd.

Escha's paintings are inspired by the old Italian and Dutch masters. Her work has been exhibited, sold and published worldwide for over 17 years.

For size and price details please visit Escha van den Bogerd's Gallery Page


'Devoto'                                                                                                         'Sicuro'


'Obumbrata'                                                              'Individuale'


'Notturno'                                                                                                                'Grandezzal'


'Fiorenza'                                                                                                   'Columbina'


'The Art Partnership Exhibition'  7-17 June 2012

The Art Partnership is a collective of well known Wellington artists who came together to create a community of artists with diverse techniques, styles and subjects but united by a common vision; to promote art with a New Zealand and pacific focus but with an outreach to international art. Many of the six members are either new New Zealanders or first generation.




Most of The Art Partnership artists are new to the Kiwi Art House Gallery, so this exhibition is a chance for regular Gallery visitors and friends to view something completely new.




The Art Partnership artists are, Bruce Luxford, Morag Stokes, Sandra Wong, Miranda Woollett, Chris Partington, and Rosalie Jurczenko. Their exhibition includes finely detailed constructed landscapes, meticulous mind extending surrealism, structured abstracts, New Zealand bird interpretations and still life.


To Visit the Art Partnership website for more information on each artist and images of all the paintings with size and price details please click here

And visit the Gallery Facebook page here, for images of the paintings and the opening night





'Stretched Imagination!' February 24 - March 18 2012

Join us for Vincent Duncan's 2012 exhibition. Share Vincent's Wellington with his new collection of luxurious and glorious textured oil paintings.

Below are some paintings from the exhibition. A full list with details can be seen on Vincent Duncan's page here.

You can see photos of the Opening on the Gallery Facebook page here


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