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The Colours of our Coast

Peter Augustin

14 March  - 3 April 2024

Peter Augustin is originally from Slovenia. After living and working as an artist in Switzerland he relocated to New Zealand where for the last 19 years his modern expressionist style has gained him a loyal following. Peter's work has been exhibited many times in Switzerland and he has featured in numerous European and New Zealand exhibitions. His last  with the Kiwi Art House Gallery was 'View of Life with Roses' in 2019.

 "The colours found in our New Zealand coastal areas are vibrant and pure, reflecting the emotions of the day. I feel alive in these environments and in these paintings I try to express this feeling in the power of colour" - Peter Augustin

Sharing the Love!

Vincent Duncan

14 February - 3 March 2024

From Vincent's collection we've selected midsize paintings that represent his changing style and some of his artistic experiments from 2006 to 2016.  The majority are 60cm square or 60cm x 90cm. Vincent Duncan has been one of Wellington's most popular artists for many years with his playful textured oil depictions of the city. This show is a chance to see his development as an artistover a very creative decade.


2023 Christmas Group Exhibition

2 December 2023 - 31 January 2024

An exhibiiton featuring many of the Gallery's contributing artists plus guest artists. This year the exhibiiton features Escha van den Bogerd with two statement works celebrating her renewal as an artist after some time off; an introduction to guest artist landscape surealist Jamie Stewart; and centrepiece to the exhibition 'Fruit in Your Hand' by Heimler and Proc, from their Chrysalis series.

Below: Dianne Taylor's watercolour 'Game on at the Stadium'


Welly and South

Ronda Thompson

21 October - 20 November 2023

The first exhibition for The Kiwi Art House Gallery at it's new location, 225 Cuba St, is for Kapiti Coast artist Ronda Thompson. Ronda's rendering of intricate detail using textured oil with a palette knife combined with her paintings' tendency towards the drama of evening or morning light has made her work identifiable and unique. This new collection covers her traditional Wellington city and shore themes along with South Island beauty spots special to the artist.



Miranda Woollett

28 July - 14 August 2023

My art is a personal journey of discovering possibilities....constantly looking at how things could be improved or unpredictable outcome.
When I reach a point of absolute satisfaction with what I have created, to me this is success.
So in this group of paintings, although all are based on the subject of a tree there is a diverse result of possibilities or outcomes.
I am trying to show the audience that what we see in everyday life over and over again may not be the only possibility to accept... there are an infinite number of ways of seeing or discovering things through art and science we just need to be open to seeing differently.


Beautiful New Zealand

Graham Moeller

24 June - 16 July 2023

Taupo artist Graham Moeller's New Zealand landscapes. Iconic places around Aotearoa are the subjects for renowned landscape artist Graham Moeller. In this exhibition he concentrates on the majesty of The South Island mountains.


Blue Horrizons

Joya de Geus

31 May - 18 June 2023

A collection of new batik/acrylic on canvas and some of her representative watercolours by Wellington artist Joya de Geus. Joya is most well known for her watercolours especially her seascapes where  she uses many different blues to create a unique style. Joya has gained experience using batik dyeing to create artworks. The technique is to use wax in areas to prevent dyeing of the fabric, then layering with different colours using more wax. For this exhibition she has combined batik dye for backgrounds and used acrylic paint on top to create depth and detail.

   'In the Pool' by Joya de Geus


Vincent Duncan - Fun and Happiness - small paintings exhibition

15 March - 2 April 2023

From Wellington artist Vincent Duncan, over 30 small 300mm x 300mm textured oil paintings; a mix including sunsets, boats, boatsheds and Wellington city themes. All $350. 


Heimler and Proc - On the Road and More

15 February - 11 March 2023

A selection of recent work and selected paintings from past series featuring three from the 'On the Road' series that was first shown in 2018. This includes one of the original exhibition paintings 'Jaguar's Hunt'  and two new works painted in 2022 and 2023, 'Rtia Angus on the Road' and 'Between'

Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc are drawn to nature and storytelling and are known for their Wellington murals. In this exhibition are examples from their previous series dating from 2016 onwards. From 'Calla Lilly Homage to Freida Karlo, 2016, to 'Gauguin in Aotearoa' and 'Free as a Bird' 2022

Read more about the artists here


Amanda Johnson - Faces of Spring

5 - 23 October 2022

Wellington artist Amanda Johnson is inspired by her love of portraiture and fascination with the idealised beauty of the human face as portrayed by the old masters. Her work is a modern interpretation.


Phil Dickson Retrospective

24 August  -  11 September 2022

One of Wellington’s most loved and outstanding artists’ Phil Dickson, sadly passed away unexpectedly on 31 March leaving behind a legacy of art for future generations to enjoy. The Kiwi Art House Gallery together with the Alfred Memelink Artspace Gallery  are proud to be simultaneously showing a retrospective exhibition of his art in his honour.

Phil lived in Wellington all his life and his lifelong love and passion for the city and region is reflected in his striking watercolour and oil paintings created in his very distinctive and enduring style.

An amateur meteorologist, many of Phil's paintings were inspired by his love of the weather and the different lighting that results from Wellington’s weather mood changes. A career as cartographer helped with his painting style as it enhanced his eye for New Zealand's natural features and landscapes.

Through his interest in local history, Phil also enjoyed creating beautiful colourful paintings of historic local and familiar scenes using a selection of old monochrome photos and his memory as reference, thus bringing historic black and white photos to a new life in colour.

Phil was the author of the wonderful book titled ‘’Phil Dickson’s Wellington’’. Published in 2014, it combined his talent as an artist and as a writer. Wellington’s past and present is beautifully woven through the story with paintings of buildings, transport and social life from the 1870s to the present.



Vincent Duncan

Boats and Bays

8 - 23 August 2022

One of Wellington's most popular artists Vincent Duncan  with a collection representing two themes he has become synonymous with, colourful fun boats and Wellington bays.


Graham Moeller

Memories of our Land

15 - 31 July 2022

Taupo based landscape artist Graham Moeller has been creating memories seeking out how we react  to Aotearoa's most iconic and recognised landsacpapes for 15 years and has gained a loyal folliowng of admirers for his stylised representational style.

This collection includes three of his most important pieces. the large scale paintings of Huka Falls, Fiordland and Lake Gunn, and most of his available other work on loan from his Taupo gallery

'Clouds over Aoraki' by Graham Moeller


Bill MacCormick

Painting - My Life's Journey

15 June 3 July 2022

I always loved drawing, and that was the emphasis they placed on a student at Elam in the late 1950s.

That led to a job as artist in advertising at Farmers, followed by work as artist and designer at NZ Herald, then at National Publicity Studios Wellington.

Since the 1980s my main interest has been painting.

The artists that influence my approach to art the most are the French Impressionists. The way their work responded to and recorded for the future their lives and the places they lived in.

They showed through drawing, colour and light the miracles that surrounded them. That seems to me a good approach to take in painting today.”


Old and New

Heimler and Proc

May 18 - June 5 2022

Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc bring a mix of Aotearoa and European Modernism in an exhibiiton that mixes their latest work with pieces from past exhibitions.

Read about the artists here


2021 Christmas Exhibition

Tatyana Kulida still life selection plus a Small Paintings Show

15 December to 31 Jan

Tatyana Kulida's 'Banksia with Aramanth'

A Moment in Time

Claudia Grutke

16- 31 October 2021

Claudia Grutke's dreamy abstract paintings are based on emotions ideas and places.

Sometimes energetic and sometimes as peaceful as a quiet ocean, and

othertimes both in the same painting. Her work stands being absorbed over time,

not swallowed whole in one go.

Born in Germany she migrated to New Zealand in 1996 and became a full time artist in 2013

after moving to Raglan from Christchurch, where the earthquakes had been a wake up call,

a signal that now was the  time to plunge full time into her passion for expression through painting.

Her paintings are now sold in New Zealand and internationally.

This is Claudia's first solo exhibition with The Kiwi Art House Gallery after showing here for many years.

Previous notable achievements include being selected for four international exhibitions in Bologna, Madrid and

Milan in 2015 and 2016 and Winner of the  Artist of the Year competition in Australia in 2014.

'A Moment in Time' by Claudia Grutke



Free as a bird 

Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc 

4 - 26 August 2021

Where does modern humanity fit in with the natural world? We are more and more an urban culture

and to many the natural environment of mountains and forests are only infrequently visited. In this series

Heimler and Proc reflect on our relationship with nature. Human figures are stripped of their protective

garments and pose naked in the bush, together with fauna as it is most loved by New Zealanders,

our native birds. The figures sometimes look comfortable in their surroundings, sometimes awkward,

and in that we find the essential question this series asks us to consider.

Bruce Luxford- Wellington Surrealist

July 7 - 28  2021
To coincide with the Te Papa Surrealism exhibition  it is a great pleasure and timely to highlight the work of  the Wellington
Surrealist artist Bruce Luxford. 
The work in this exhibition includes examples from across Bruce's 20 years painting Surrealism.  Bruce finds inspiration in
current events and trends and you'll find many of his paintings are his interpretation on events of the day.

Surrealism was itself an offshoot of Dadaism, a movement in the 1920s that sought to redfine art and culture away from

the society that had brought the horrors of war.

In the words of Art Historian Uwe M Schneede, who regarded Surrealism as a historic movement that took place between

1924 and 1939, and within the context of a shattered (both physically and morally) Europe as an aftermath of World War 1,

brought forth socio-political ideas as well as a wealth of artistic products.

“Surrealist art has no common style in the traditional sense. The unifying factor is the use of certain methods of approach:

aautomatic notation, the combination of incongruous elements, metamorphosis, and enigma”. (abridged)

That movement still has influence in the visual arts.

"Allowing a freer expression with my own personal interests, my work leans towards and dovetails nicely with what I would term 'figurative surrealism'

as a vehicle to express visually what I seek to convey, from observations of what takes place around us

Finding inspiration out of topical subject matter has fed the creativity.

After all, the world is inclined to manifest in a surreal, contradictory manner, full of conflicting interests and equivocal content." - Bruce Luxford


'Shrine to the Radiolarian Warrior' - Bruce Luxford

Natural Emotions

Diana Treeborn

April 28 May 16 2021

What has the past year been other than a global roller coaster of emotions? Surprise, Fear, Hope, Anger, Love, Sadness, Compassion,
all whirled together with topics like Global warming, poverty, pollution, animal cruelty, pandemics and political madness -to name a few.
Although important to know and care about, these can be a bit overwhelming and become toxic if we don’t give the same attention to
positive things in our lives. Diana expresses a spectrum of emotions in her new work through images of nature,
mostly underwater settings.She believes that nature is playing an essential role in our lives for growing and nourishing our
positive emotions and help us embrace those negative and darker feeling in our lives.

10 Years Collaboration

Heimler and Proc

13 March - 3 April 2021

An exhibition celebrating 10 years of collaboration between the artists Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc and the Kiwi Art House Gallery.

There have been many memorable exhibitions starting with The Beehive in Cuba St in 2010, Foxtrot Around the Piano 2014 All in the Same Waka 2017, On the Road in 2018 and the most recent The Hedge 2020.

This exhibition includes examples from previous exhibitions and new work, some in the same themes as past exhibitions,  in particular three new smaller pieces based on the 2019 exhibition 'Gauguin in Aotearoa'.


2020 Christmas Group Exhibition

5-21 December 2020

Includes Gallery and Guest Artists

Gallery and guest artists in this year's Christmas Group show  include, Diana Peel, Diana Treeborn, Dianne Taylor, Escha van den Bogerd, Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc, Joy de Geus, Graham Moeller, Linda Hannan, Phil Dickson, Sam Earp, Samantha Qaio, Tatyana Kulida, Vincent Duncan   

Joy De Geus - 'Footprints'

The Hedge

Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

28 October - 15 November 2020


A hedge can be a metaphor for the conformity of a regular life. Heimler and Proc play with this idea in their new series. The Hedge keeps us safe but at the same time restricts us.

In Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc's 2020 exhibition The Hedge, they use the carefully tended and trimmed hedge as a metaphor for the standardisation and conformity in our lives, a standard education, a standard lifestyle. The hedge has it's own beauty and function, it protects, but protection is also a form of limitation.
In these paintings between the hedges flourish wildflowers free to grow. Metaphorical liberty, dreams, freedom from routines and our daily work. Dreams and desires that exist outside our own 'hedges'.
An extra relevance for the series has appeared with the advent of COVID. We had to isolate, protect others from ourselves, stay cordoned off, hedged in, unable to mix or travel we enjoyed life in our own bubble, behind our new unexpected hedges.
Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc
Gabriel was born in Paris where he studied at the influential art school Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He then moved to Berlin to pursue a career as an artist. There he was selected to contribute to the Berlin Wall mural project, a series of murals painted by one hundred artists on a 1.5km long section of the Berlin wall. His mural 'Wall Jumper' portrayed a West German leaping the Berlin Wall towards an East Berlin phone box, to start making calls to buy up East German businesses. A political commentary on the events of the time. The Berlin Wall murals are now on the last
remaining piece of the wall and are an historical monument, one of the biggest tourist attractions in Berlin. Gabriel's mural was the catalyst for a successful 20 year career with a major Berlin gallery with many solo and group exhibitions. During this time he had work sold at Sothebys auction in New York, helped instigate a revival of Jewish cultural life in Berlin, and created with Anna Proc, aninternational travelling European art project 'Art Express'.
In 2010 Gabriel moved with his partner Anna Proc to Wellington where they began an artistic collaboration starting with the 'Mover', a large mural on the top right corner of QT Art Hotel. 'The Mover' celebrates the moving on rails of the hotel to its present location, to make way for the construction of Te Papa National Museum. ' The Wall Jumper' and 'The Mover' artistically link Berlin and Wellington. In 2014 both murals were selected by the Lonely Planet Guidebook as landmarks of their respective cities and featured in the Berlin and New Zeland 2014 guidebooks.
In 2019 two of their paintings from the 2018 On the Road series were selected with 19 other well known New Zealand artists o be part of the first New Zealand entry into the 8th Beijing biennale International Art Fair
Together Gabriel and Anna have created a solo exhibition every year since arriving in Wellington including, The Beehive in Cuba St 2011, Happy Pacifica 2012, Foxtrot around the Piano 2013, Shadow in the Bush 2014, Inside View 2015, Homeage to Diego Rivera 2016, All in the Same Waka 2017, On the Road 2018, Gauguin in Aotearoa 2019.

Still Life is Isolation 

Tatyana Kulida

From 2 - 21 June 2020


Tatyana Kulida used her lockdown time to create a series of still life oil paintings using fauna foraged from the hills around Wellington and items found around her house. Most of the work is oil on board and is offered unframed

Tatyana Kulida is a Russian born artist trained in fine arts in the USA where she lived for 12 years, and in Florence Italy, where she studied at the Art Academy full time for three years  and then became a tutor there for three years. Since 2015 years she has lived in Wellington where she runs her own art academy. Tatyana has exhibited in the USA and  and has two of her works in USA museum collections, in the Cameron Museum of Art and the New Britain Museum of American Art. She has been awarded several prizes including the de László Award for Classical Draughtsmanship from the Royal Society of British Artists, London, in 2015 and the 4th year Prize residency, the Florence Academy of Art 2013-2014. In New Zealand she was commissioned to paint the portrait of former Prime Minister Bill English, for the parliamentary gallery.

City of Lights 

Melissa McDougall

17 March to 5 April 2020


The urban landscape, Wellington city at night, scenes from the artist's time in New York. Melissa McDougall is a Wellington based artist whose gritty urban realism touched with romanticism takes inspiration from Edward Hopper.

About the Artist

Melissa McDougall was born in Dunedin and has been exhibiting for 28 years. She specialises in nocturnal city scenes and urban settings featuring people juxtaposed with billboards, windows and architecture.

She has lived and exhibited in Perth, Australia and the United States and Wellington.  She has held six solo shows in New Zealand and has also exhibited in  group shows in Wellington, Dunedin, Perth, Japan and the Phillipines.

City of Lights covers Melissa's new Welliongton paintings, mixed with previous work from New York and examples of her other genres, Vanitas art, the historical symbolism of mortality by juxapositioning bone such as skulls with flowers, and portraits.

In the last two years Melissa has been a finalist in both the Adam portrait award and the Chris Parkin drawing prize.


2020 Vision!

February 12 - 29 2020

Vincent Duncan's 2020 exhibition is a fun exploration of Wellington, the harbour, the streets and the wind! Vincent Duncan has been painting Wellington longer than many of us can remember. His art brings a smile and colour to our lives.

View the Exhibition Catalogue here

The 12 Days of Christmas

12-  24 December 2019 and 11 - 31 January 2020

A group exhibition by Gallery and guest artists 


Summer Starter

13 - 30 November

Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc welcome the warmer weather with a series of six small paintings that all tell a story; of the hope and renewal that summer brings.

See all the exhibition paintings on the Current Exhibition page.  Read about the artists here

View of Life with Roses

9 - 27 October 2019  OPENING 6pm Wednesday 9 October

Peter Augustin

Peter Augustin is a Kapiti based artist originally from Solvenia. After living and working as an artist in Switzerland for 35 years he relocated to New Zealand where his modern expressionism style of painting quickly gained a loyal following. Peter's work has been exhibited many times in Switzerland and he has featured in numerous exhibitions in other European countries.

'View of Life with Roses' is an exhibition of Peter's latest plus a selection from his back catalogue. As this is his first exhibition with the KAH Gallery we are combining his newest Roses and Sailing series with older work to give those who haven't seen Peter's work before to give an overview of his many subjects, ideas and styles to a new audience.


Group Exhibition

14 August - 2 September 2019

Nature is an exhibition bringing together artists with a love of the outdoors and the beauty of the natural world. The theme of this show is a broad remit, and the artwork submitted includes flowers to landscapes to the beauty in clouds and under the seas. Contributing artists include Diana Peel, Tatyana Kulida, Graham Moeller, Diana Treeborn, Simon Jay, Miriam Busby, Joan Emery.

Opening 6pm Wednesday 14 August


Autumn Flowers - Vincent Duncan

25 June - 14 July 2019

Vincent Duncan's new exhibition of themed flower art  is all about creating a feeling of life,happiness and fun.  Please see the exhibition catalogue here!

Wellington artist Vincent Duncan has been painting his exuberant heavily textured oils full time since 1993. He has become without doubt one of Wellington's most successful artists. His work is in many  homes, in Wellington hospital brightening up the wards and bought by numerous national and international visitors to the capital. His secret ingredients;  joy and fun! Vincent says "My passion for art began when I was very young, it has always been a priority for me to express myself though my painting. I am a self-taught artist. By creating my own vision of what I see and experience in my city, I try to make my viewer feel good and happy. I love texture and colour. I like people to touch my paintings and feel the textured oil. I describe myself as ‘cheeky and intuitive’, painting what I see and feel. An artist has to see the world differently These things make my paintings humorous, symbolic and uniquely my own. 



Gauguin in Aotearoa - Heimler and Proc

11 May - 9 June 2019

Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc's new interpretation of Gauguin based on imaginations of his little known visit to Auckland.

Heimler & Proc, Intorduction to the 'Gauguin in Aotearoa' series

On August 9th, 1895, Paul Gauguin arrived in Auckland while on his second journey to Tahiti. During his ten days stopover there, he visited the Auckland Museum. Impressed by the Maori culture section, he made drawings of some of the artifacts he saw. Later, he would use these drawings in his paintings. Gauguin's work attempts to transcend the boundaries of place and time, to escape from the present into a cultural past in order to make an art for the future.

In our 'Gauguin in Aotearoa' series, we follow Gauguin's direction of searching for authenticity but we diverge from it too. We replace his idyllic timeless Tahitian imagery with our personal artistic approach to New Zealand unique cultural values.

Our artistic concept originates from Picasso's confrontation with the painting Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez in his series of the same title.

These inspirations brought us to:

- using New Zealand landscape along with Maori traditional symbols and rythms to bring the location and cultural background to life,

- bringing to the canvas a blend of New Zealand diversity to create dynamism in our series, an aspect that Gauguin chose to omit in his work,

- animating the figures in accordance with our style,

- re-composing and reducing some of Gauguin's paintings to unearth a new meaning - in keeping with a our personal aesthetic,

- choosing colour palettes that pay homage to Gauguin.



Nature's Silent Song - Diana Treeborn

13- 31 March 2019

Diana Treeborn's art  is inspired by nature and especially the sea.   Working in poured paint techniques,  Diana has created mystical yet recognisable  underwater worlds.  Her style of abstract art is all the more impressive as she manages chaotic control  to express form and her ideas.

Natures Silent Song is the story of magical underwater worlds, not seen by many of us, and with reference to the modern phenomenon of vast quantities of plastic in the oceans. As an artist Diana doesn't only work in poured paint but for this series the loose mixing of colours and free flowing quality of the technique matches her passion as a diver and observer and is a perfect fit for her to show  us the surreal beauty of her underwater world.

Diana is an emerging artist from Germany who has lived in Wellington since 2015. Her painting revolves around nature themes often with a surreal element. This exhibition is her first Gallery solo show, although she has exhibited in group shows with the Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington and held her own pop up exhibition in 2018.



'Melting Ice' by Diana Treeborn



Retrospective Aotearoa - Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

13-28 February 2019

 Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc's Retrospective Aotearoa brings together paintings representing  their exhibitions from 2010 when they relocated to Wellington from Europe to their most recent 2018 exhibition 'On the Road'  Including examples from the 2010 and 1011 series Dancing in Aotearoa and Naked,  Dark Light 2014, Shadow in the Bush 2014, Inside View 2015, Homage to Diego Rivera 2016, All in the Same Waka 2017 and On the Road 2018.  In 2019 they painted a new work 'Yesterday' to represent the sold out 2013 exhibition Foxtrot Around the Piano.  From 2012, The Beehive in Cuba St exhibition is also sold out and not included.

Gabriel Heimler's background as a well known artist in Berlin for 20 years, a vastly creative period that included his 'Wall Jumper' mural on the Berlin Wall, combined with inspiration from his partner Anna in their collaborative New Zealand paintings, plus the influences of new people and land in Aotearoa, has produced over eight years a new major exhibition annually with each one being imaginative in ideas and all completely different as though the artists reinvent themselves completely  for every new series. 

This retrospective is a chance to see paintings from the artists' earlier exhibitions that are no longer displayed, and are in most cases either the last or one of only two remaining from their respective exhibition series.

Opening 6pm Wednesday 13 February

Please see the Exhibition Catalogue PDF Here

Or see the exhibition paintings on the Current Exhibition page


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