A Few Testimonials

  • 'We're very humbled to have such a great piece of work in our house'  - CA Auckland, artist George Thompson

  • 'Paintings went down a treat! Thanks for your help with them - MB, Christchurch, Artists Vincent Duncan and George Thompson

  • 'Loving the painting, thank you' - KC, Wellington, artist Zad Jabbour

  • 'Just to let you know John is thrilled with his present!' - KC, Wellington, artist Vincent Duncan

  • 'We are really enjoying having the Vincent' - BC, Wellington, artist Vincent Duncan
  • 'I have a brilliant painting by Phil Dickson - I see it every day I come and go from my house and the standout thing is it has never simply become part of the furniture'  - CS Hamilton, artist Phil Dickson

  • 'The painting is now on my wall - not in the place I was planning but it looks excellent!' - RC, Wellington, artists Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

  • 'The Vincent is hanging and looking good. It's very interesting how its colour and texture look different during the day and as the lighting from outside changes. We are both enjoying it.' - PH, Wellington, artist Vincent Duncan
  • 'It has pride of place in the living room! We're loving it and have had lots of comments on it' - CM, Wellington, artist Rob McGregor
  • 'Please tell Phil I love the painting' - BM, Australia, artist Phil Dickson
  • 'The painting looks lovely in our office and we both get pleasure from looking at it. And of course the Tui, it goes without saying'     - JS, USA, artists Joy de Geus and Graham Moeller
  • 'I love it! Hanging in my dining room already!' - NG, Auckland, artist Vincent Duncan

  • 'Received the painting a few weeks ago. It looks fabulous on the wall, Thanks' - CA, Australia, artist George Thompson
  • 'We are extremely happy with both paintings and would like to thank you for facilitating their purchase' - KG and MG, Wellington, artists, Vincent Duncan and Bruce Luxford
  • 'Lyall Bay painting arrived safely today. LOVE IT! Thank you so much and especially to Dianne Taylor for her lovely watercolour painting of Lyall Bay. Perfect! Memories!  - JC, Melbourne, artist Dianne Taylor
  • 'I was delighted with my new painting.  I Love it!  My dad's boat looks great and you can totally recognise my kids.  They thought it was pretty cool being in a painting. Thank you so much.' - EM, Wellington, artist George Thompson
  • 'Congratulations on another outstanding painting.   It is a delight, and there is more and more to take in and think about each time we look at it.' -RC Wellington, artist Lauryne Hart
  • 'Thanks for the lovely painting - it looks beautiful!' -SB Wellington , artist Ronda Thompson
  • 'Loving it in our home' - HK New Plymouth, artist Heimler and Proc
  • 'Love the painting. Indeed  it's a psychic reality. It's alive' MC Wellington artist Tatyana Kulida
  • 'Both M and I love the painting and it will remind us of the great time we had visiting NZ' - SP, England, artist Sam Earp
  • 'Simon's work is fantastic thank you – and a complete surprise to have it as a gift from my sister' NS Wellington, artist Simon Derby
  • 'We love this piece so much it’s made us so happy to hang it :)' - RM, Wellington, artist Ronda Thompson
  • 'It took our breath away.. We utterly adore it' - CW Tauranga, artist Tatyana Kulida
  • 'I’m really pleased with the Hobson Street painting & think it’s in the right place in my study. When standing back in my living room you are just looking straight up Hobson. Thanks Again' VH Taupo artist Dianne Taylor
  • 'The painting arrived safely and is now pride of place on my wall.  It’s perfect! I love the size, colour, vibrancy, texture and the fond memories of Wellington it invokes.' JO Auckland artist Vincent Duncan
  • 'We love it! It is up on the wall and we are super happy with it' RB Masterton, artist Tatyana Kulida