Dianne Taylor

Wellington artist Dianne Taylor started painting watercolours seriously in her 50s, and in just a short time became a sought after and hugely admired master of what artists consider the most difficult of mediums.  In 2016 the New Zealand Governor General commissioned Dianne to paint  the view from Government House. In 2017 she was selected by Watercolour New Zealand as feature artist for their national exhibition 'Splash' and has won nunmerous awards since at the annual 'Splash' exhibition.  Dianne writes 'My involvement in watercolour commenced comparatively late in life after a friend gifted me paint and brushes. I painted on and off for a few years, learning from library books, but it wasn't until 2001 that I began to take art seriously. In 2002 I joined the NZ Academy of Fine Arts and have successfully exhibited my works at the Queen's Wharf galleries in Wellington. I am also a member of  Watercolour NZ and regularly participate in their exhibitions. I have dabbled in acrylics and find them less stressful than watercolour, whereas watercolour can test my patience and I have had a few frustrating moments where one mistake can see a painting relegated to the bin, then I look at the exciting, atmospheric, subtle and moody works by top watercolourists and this is what inspires me to carry on with this fascinating if somewhat exasperating medium.'

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