'The Human Wave' (SOLD) by Gabriel Heimler

'The Human Wave' (SOLD) by Gabriel Heimler

Acrylic on Board size 600mm x 120mm


Gabriel Heimler is an established European artist who sells from galleries in Berlin, Paris, Brussels and Frankfurt and has also been sold at Sotheby's in New York. He is also famous for painting the 'Wall Jumper' mural on the Berlin wall directly after its fall in 1989. The 'Wall Jumper' developed into an unofficial symbol for Berlin and in 2009 Gabriel was asked by the city to restore it. Now the mural and wall segment have become part of an historical monument to the Berlin Wall.

Gabriel's work is a mixture of German expressionism, cubist perspectives and pop art. His style is flamboyant and colourful and always has a concrete narrative or conceptual themes from literary, biblical and historical sources.

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