'Tranquility' by Lauryne Hart

'Tranquility' by Lauryne Hart

Limited Edition signed and numbered stretched canvas giclee print, 30 available

Size: 1000mm x 1000mm


Giclee printing is a form of inkjet printing and produces the highest quality prints in colour and longevity.  The colours are practically  indistinguishable from the original painting. Lauryne Hart's vibrant art is a celebration of happiness and the joy in everyday life. Her large murals can be found in the foyers of Sir Bob Jone's office buildings in Auckland and Wellington, and in Hong Kong.  Her original paintings are sought after and with only a few painted each year, very rare. This print edition of Lauryne's  'Parisiennes' and 'Tranquility' has been produced so lovers of her art can recreate the originals with a quality reproduction of two signature works.

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