'Kapiti Dream' by Heimler and Proc (SOLD)

'Kapiti Dream' by Heimler and Proc (SOLD)

acrylic on jute size 460mm x 460mm

"Kapiti Dream represents the idea of a perfect dream.  The painting is inspired by a wonderful coast with long beaches and mountains west-north from Wellington. Living there opens the distant horizon to the west. The natural spectacle of the play between the ocean and the sky is available non-stop. The couple on the painting enjoy their closeness and the environment. We intend to transfer the feeling that their comfort is assured not only by their togetherness but also by a bath tube they are in and a glass of sensual red wine. Another dream can be about the trip to Kapiti Island that you can see on the horizon. As its shape is considered perfect and unique its image was used by many Hollywood filmmakers. And of course it is a bird santuary island accessible only by a special boat trip." - Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

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