March Newsletter

March Newsletter

Welcome to the Kiwi Art House Gallery's March newsletter

The Lockdown - Commissions, a good time to think about one - The upcoming Heimler and Proc 2020 exhibition -  Plus new art and the current Melissa McDougall exhibition


No one can tell what the future holds as the economy takes a big hit and we all hope our stay at home efforts will help bring a return to normalcy as soon as possible. Even if it's a 'new normal'.

The gallery will be closed for a while  but I'll continue to show art through the website, and until the gallery reopens stay in touch by email more often than the usual monthly newsletter. 



Over the lockdown time, why not try some drawing or watercolour sketching at home? It's relaxing and therapeutic and you'll get a sense of satisfaction from being creative. Plus it's a change from Netflix!

For those with extra time to fill and who also have a spot on the wall that's been complaining it needs a painting, then engaging with an artist on a commission can give you a project to work on and you'll finish with  something special for the empty space. I've created a page Featured on the website and for now I'll use it  to provoke thinking about the different artists and what they could paint for you.

Looking Ahead

Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc's 2020 Exhibition

The 2020 Heimler and Proc exhibition is almost ready and we are just waiting on a date. The theme of this year's series is 'The Hedge'. Orderly and cultivated, are the the artists using the idea as a metaphor for our lives?

In 2019 Heimler and Proc had two of their paintings selected for the New Zealand stand at the Beijing Biennale International Art Fair and another appeared in this year's art calendar. (Right) 'Keep it Warm' Heimler and Proc from The Hedge series 2020


Browsing/New Art plus the Current Exhibition

While away some of your unexpected extra time by browsing the Gallery website. On the Gallery page you'll find links to the artists. On the New Art page examples of recently arrived paintings, and on the Current Exhibition page Melissa McDougall's exhibition 'City Lights'



Wishing everyone all the best.

Alan Aldridge

04 385 3083

Posted: Thu 02 Apr 2020