April 2020 Newsletter

April 2020 Newsletter
Welcome to the Kiwi Art House Gallery's April Newsletter
The gallery is closed still under Level 3, so this month's newsletter shows a collection from the stock room, plus a special offer from Tatyana Kulida and a charity silent auction from Vincent Duncan

The Gallery can loan paintings out for a week's trial, so if you see one you like and want to see how it looks at home, (contact free) please contact me.

Special Offer 50% discount

Child portrait oil sketches

Tatyana Kulida is offering small child portrait oil sketches at a special low price, 50% discount,  for the month of May only

Head and shoulders, oval 200mm x 300mm or rectangular format.

For full details please email me at

Time is so precious and childhood is the most precious time of all.  Here is a chance to capture that special warmth of childhood in a way that no snapshot can.


Silent Auction!

Vincent Duncan's fun new painting, 'Table Flowers', Reserve $350, please email your bid to

Closes 15 May

Click on the image for size and usual price

Vincent Duncan is donating all proceeds to Vincent de Paul society for their food programme for Kiwis affected economically by Covid 19

With the Gallery closed, here's a selection from the stock room. A mix of recent and older paintings.

Please click on the images for full details for each painting

Diana Treeborn 'Coral Garden'


Peter Augustin 'Naked Gossip'


Bruce Luxford 'Mountain Pots'

Tatyana Kulida 'Cut Flowers 1'


Hiemler and Proc 'Calla Lilly 2'


Escha van den Bogerd 'Onirico'

Commissions and New Art

If you have a spot on the wall that needs a painting, then consider engaging with an artist on a commission. I've created a page Featured on the website that promotes the styles and subjects different artists specialise in.

There are some new offerings on the New Art page, including from Sam Earp and Samantha Qiao

Soon, Heimler and Proc's 2020 Exhibition  'The Hedge'

Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc's annual exhibition is always a highly anticipated surprise. What is their theme for 2020? 'The Hedge' is coming soon!



Warm Regards

Alan Aldridge

04 385 3083

Posted: Fri 01 May 2020