'Painting Scents' by Tatyana Kulida (SOLD)

'Painting Scents' by Tatyana Kulida (SOLD)

Oil on board size 300mm x 400mm


The Polhill reserve walks loop around Aro valley and we have discovered many new trails both in the wet valley and up in the sunny overlooks. Japanese anemones grew right next to the wild broccoli and radishes and together with old man’s beard (a nasty weed) and the real life neighbours made an attractive bouquet. A snail hid in the anemones’ foliage and so she too came back to the house, with my daughter helping me carry the wild treasures. We picked the butterfly in her last flutters and thought she belonged, so we gently carried her along in the autumn wind. Over the next days the snail slept waiting her turn and only on the last painting day she awoke with me having to repeatedly place her in her ‘spot’ that she decisively raced away from, time and time again, until she escaped. Now forever lost inside my house. - Tatyana Kulida

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