'Aint this a Fairytale' by Tut Blumenthal (SOLD)

'Aint this a Fairytale' by Tut Blumenthal (SOLD)

acrylic on canvas size 1000mmx 1000mm

Prior to being a full-time artist Tut worked as a graphic designer for 20 years, now, Tut is living her dream of being a full-time artist by putting her talent and experience in the design world to use. Colour remains an interest to Tut as it is something that can trigger emotive responses. Tut’s consideration and attention to harmony is present in every aspect of her work, from size of canvas to how she chooses colour and applies it. Another aspect that makes Tut’s paintings so captivating is how she uses colours to radiate off and blend into each other, creating a magical atmospheric painting. The size, seamless application and blend of tones and colours make a positive and peaceful impact wherever placed, making them the perfect addition to the home or workplace.

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