February 2023 Newsletter

February 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to the Kiwi Art House Gallery's February and first  newsletter for 2023!

  • Heimler and Proc  exhibition opening 6pm Wednesday 15 February

  • Upcoming exhibitions Vincent Duncan and Escha van den Bogerd

  • Explore the latest New Art

Heimler and Proc 2023 exhibition - On the Road and More

Gabriel Heimler  and Anna Proc's  2023 exhibition centrepiece are three paintings from their popular 2018 On the Road series. 'Jaguar's Hunt' from the original exhibition and two newer works including their latest, 'Between' 

We've also picked some of the best still available from other series including 'Secret Touch' (left)

See and read more in The Current Exhibition page.

Vincent Duncan's exhibition opens Wednesday 15 March.  Vincent has created 25 plus miniatures, all affordable 300mm x 300mm with many fun Wellington scenes. Please email me if you'd like to see photos of these in advance of the opening.


Escha van den Bogerd's exhibition opens Wednesday 12th April and will feature two new paintings in her very popular Museum Watching the Old Masters series. Escha also paints her museum paintings on commission. Please email me for more information if interested.

New Art

There is a great variety of new art to see including those left from the Christmas exhibition on the New Art page. Below 'Chaffers Marina'  by Ronda Thompson, 'Geisha's' print and acrylic by Escha van den Bogerd and 'Atmospheric Dispersion' by Miranda Woollett. (click on the images)


QT Hotel Mural

Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc last month painted an around the corner extension to their Henri Rousseau  themed mural by the entrance to the QT Hotel. (formerly the Museum Hotel) The new section has more Aotearoa references while keeping to the distinctive Rousseau feel.



Thanks and I look forward to seeing you at the opening of Heimler and Proc's exhibition or in the gallery soon.

kind regards

Alan Aldridge

The Kiwi Art House Gallery, 288 Cuba Street, Wellington

04 385 3083

Posted: Tue 21 Feb 2023