Samuel Earp

Sam is a romantic realism artist with a passion to learn his craft through personal experimentation. Sam's work is notable for the power and feeling of his wild seas, the subject of his most intense and evocative paintings. Some of Sam Earp's small paintings are in the SMALL PAINTINGS Gallery

"I was born on the island of Guernsey in 1979 but grew up in the South West of England where I did a lot of drawing and painting from an early age, I always loved landscape art even as a child. I moved to the beautiful country of New Zealand in 2009 and have been here ever since.I have a passion for painting landscapes, especially water and the sea, which I enjoy painting most of all. I also love to paint outdoors on location (en plein air). I love recreating the colours, light and atmosphere of nature on canvas. Painting gives me an enormous sense of well-being and connectedness.I especially love the dramatic landscapes and beautiful colours that are so unique to the New Zealand wilderness and I channel this into my mountain paintings.”