Zad Jabbour is an immigrant from Lebanon now living in Auckland. An artist all his life he is accomplished in many fields, including  portrait sculpture.  Through a special arrangement with Kiwi Art House, Zad can be commissioned to create a portrait bust or  bas-relief sculpture of someone you want to honour in a unique and special way. 

You will see from the larger images of Zad's portrait busts and bas-relief (click on the examples below) they have been created with beautiful delicacy and sympathy.

The busts are approximately 25cm high, so they are a good size for displaying  without being overpowering.  Clay busts can be finished in stained gold leaf, a marble finish or left in natural clay.

For information on commissioning a bas-relief sculpture, please click on the bas-relief example below.

A bust could be made to honour a treasured forebear who has a special place in your family history, or as a celebration of a child, spouse, parent or grandparent. Busts can also be made of animals, such as a pet dog or a horse.

The busts are made from photographs. On commissioning a bust you will be provided with information on what photos are needed.

The standard fee for creation of a clay bust is $1690.00 plus $25.00 freight. Prices may vary depending upon the requirements of the client regarding, size of the project. Busts can also be cast in bronze. Bronze busts have the advantage of more than one copy can be cast, but  are more expensive than clay. Contact us for details if you are interested in a bronze bust. 

There is a non refundable deposit of $150.00 when a bust is commissioned. 50% of the remaining cost is required upon client approval of the basic structure of the bust and the remainder when the bust is ready for delivery.

To commission a bust please email us through the contact page on this site and we will discuss your individual requirements.


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